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Keeping our Bouncers safe is the number one priority in the House. With a fully trained Bounce team alert and ready to assist, we also follow a strict set of rules that is in place for everyone’s safety.

Our Bounce team have the power to eject anyone who is not keeping to the rules from the park. We enforce a three strikes policy to ensure the safety of every bouncer is considered.

We have trained first aiders on site if anything unfortunate does happen, but stick to the rules to ensure the most enjoyable time for you and your party.


  • We have a strict 20 stone weight restriction on our inflatables.
  • A waiver must be signed and in place before entering the inflatables arena; NO SIGNATURE, NO BOUNCING
  • Everyone must watch a 3 minute briefing video before entering the arena which is availble through the waiver journey
  • Normal socks must be worn by all participants, grip/ trampoline socks are not permitted on the arena
  • No food or drink is permitted on the inflatables
  • We advise participants to take rest breaks off the equipment rather than rest on the inflatables bed
  • No attempting tricks or flips outside of your ability
  • The Bounce Team’s word is final and the ‘3 strikes rule’ will be applied for foul play/directed bad language
  • Pregnant or persons with a listed medical condition are not permitted to bounce
  • All children under the age of 5 MUST have a participating adult or carer (ratio 1:1) for the duration of play


  • DO NOT dive head first into the Air Bag
  • Ensure the landing lane is clear before you make your launch from the trampoline bed
  • Listen to the Bounce Team’s instruction
  • Aim for the centre of the bag
  • ALWAYS land on your back or bum and not on your feet
  • Exit the Jump Bag by the platform at the far end
  • No backflips, pre practised front flips are permitted

inflatable rules:

  • The assault course is one way, follow the signage
  • Climb down from the climbing wall if you reach the top
  • All equipment is ‘1 at a time’ please allow smaller bouncers to go first
  • Follow the height restrictions on the Cliff Edge and land on your back or bum
  • Follow the instruction of the Bounce Team